Project 2023 - How it started?

Project 2023 - How it started?

Project 2023 - Surf + Lomography
how it started?

In this personal search to recover creativity, I decided to return to my photographic origins, to try to meet again with that little girl who looked at the world through a magic filter.

I immediately thought of Lomography. For years I used analogic cameras, mixed with a bunch of homemade gadgets to generate different colors, distortions and so on. So when I had the opportunity to hold a Diana in my hands it was wonderful.

Many years later, today, here, I recognize in my style, everything that I experienced.

This project is a dream, it is the union of my passions, of my favorite games. Recover creativity, and add all the knowledge acquired. It is exposing my imagination without filters. It is to use photography as a means of communication, but above all ,as a blank canvas.

This is just beginning and I am very excited to be able to share something like this. I invite you to see where it takes us

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