I'm Romy Soda, Argentinian with roots in the world.

I studied Journalism, I have a master's degree in Community Manager and I specialised in Photography. Since I was a child I have had the opportunity to experiment with different cameras and develop my personal, observant, detailed and natural vision.

Professionally, the possibility of working in different fields, starting in photojournalism, events, fashion, product, real estate, and finally sports, has given me a broad vision and a lot of fluency at the time of production. I also have a great command of editing, a great aesthetic and commercial sense, thanks to my professional development in styling and visual merchandising.

I have worked for companies such as Billabong, Lomography, Get your Guide, Treatwell, Tus Placas, Helene Holidays, North Shore Villas, Guadalupe Cid, Lua Maluca, Mellow Waves, as well as some professionals who wanted to improve their branding.

My creative imprint is what defines me as an artist and the search for natural beauty is my particular stamp.

Don't hesitate to contact me, together we can create the content of your dreams!

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