I am Romy Soda, an Argentine with roots in the world. I studied Journalism and specialized in Photography. Since I was little I have had the opportunity to experiment with different cameras and develop my personal vision, always observant, detailed and natural.

Professionally, the possibility of working in different fields, starting with photojournalism, events, fashion, product, real estate, and finally sports, has given me a broad vision and great ease at the time of production. I also have a great command of editing, a lot of aesthetic and commercial sense.

I have worked for companies like Billabong Surfcamp, Get your Guide, Treatwell, Tus Placas, Helene Holidays, North Shore Villas, Guadalupe Cid, Lua Maluca, as well as some professionals who wanted to improve their image and create content.

With my photographs I pursue the natural, the ephemeral, the unique moment. I investigate and connect, with nature, with the environment, with everything. I look with tenderness, the beauty behind each thing, I look for the details, the colors, the sensations, the depth.

I invite you to my vision of the world, to dive together!


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