Cómo conseguir "el momento"?

Cómo conseguir "el momento"?

How to get "the moment"?

As an old school person, burst shooting hurts me. Every new camera on the market increases its capacity of photos per second and decreases the aptitude requirement of the photographer. I understand that, of course. It's much easier not to think, not to miss a moment, shoot non stop and then discard. Yes obviously, there are more extreme situations, I guess in a teahupoo tube waiting for the perfect moment to shoot is too much of a gamble, but few people are really making the right use of that tool. I don't know if I think I like the risk too much. But I love to shoot the picture at the perfect moment (even if my camera takes 20 pictures per second). 12 years ago I started with sports photography, at that time this kind of technology was not so developed and I couldn't invest in the best equipment, so studying the sport I was going to work on, was essential. Collecting material, asking the athletes, talking to the people who enjoy the sport, learning about the technique, studying what already exists and what is expected in each case, was a must, as well as being totally enriching and the best tool to start to stand out as a photographer in a certain world.

In analogue photography there is no other option available than that. Wait for the perfect moment and shoot. Maybe that's why it doesn't lose its magic.

This whim of mine has its benefits, I promise you. Try it! You learn a lot, besides enjoying more what you are observing and the moment of the creative choice to shoot. I feel that the photo really has a part of you in it, it's not something more mechanical, but the moment you really wanted to keep for eternity.

With all this, I come back to the idea of simple use. The only way to get a result is to be there, to be more assertive, more aware and to develop that ability a second before, to know what is coming.

It's beautiful, I know I'm stubborn but try it and let me know.

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