The project and my label

The project and my label

The project and my label

I have always experienced photography as an artistic expression. 

Whenever conversations tend to get too technical, I run away! 

By this I don't mean that I don't believe in having a certain knowledge base, which of course is important in order to be professional and achieve the best results in every situation. However, I think that sometimes personal expressions end up being constrained by what has to be done, and in that journey many people lose their own line.

I refuse to let that happen to me! 

On the contrary, I strongly believe that nurturing individual factors such as curiosity, one's own vision and the search to express one's own vision of the world are what end up being one's own mark. Trial and error, trial and error, is what makes your material unique and awakens your creativity. The path you have taken to arrive at a particular result is impossible to be the same as any other. 

That is what makes us extraordinary.

From this personal concept as a flag, the collaboration and the project is born. 

* Analogue photography, on the other hand, reminds me of the importance of the present, unique moment, of creative enjoyment and of letting go of perfection. 

* Lomography, the partner of my dreams, supporting experimentation and personal style.  

* My own stamp being part of the challenge, with different cameras, film and techniques to get results that can't be repeated. 

*Finally, surfing and 8 people in all its splendour will be the protagonists, both in and out of the water.

September 14th is the expo!

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