Probando la Simple use de Lomography

Probando la Simple use de Lomography

Testing Lomography's Simple use

Well, it's time to talk about the most awaited part of the whole project, at least by myself. Results and sensations of the photos in the water. 

The conclusions were more delayed than I would have liked, but one learns in the process and here I have prepared my list of lessons learned.

1- ALWAYS check for water. 

Although it seems very obvious and despite the fact that I work every day with cameras and waterproof housings, yes, it happened to me! First day, first roll, lots of salt water. For those motivated like me who are wondering what this experimentation is all about, I can only say don't do it! Always check that it closes well, look at the O-rings and double check at home. 

2- Read the instructions

In general, all cameras work more or less the same, so I'm a little bit over-cautious. I think that in these first two points I was also carried away by the emotion of the first shootings and I wasn't focused as when I do a professional job (emotions are good but don't be as intense as I am, or well sometimes yes, jijiji). 

If no one ever uses the simple use here a small detail, it comes loaded and the roll starts from the back to the front, so when it ends there is NO need to rewind. Yes I did, yes I had to double expose the whole roll, yes it came out quite well but always better to avoid it. 

3- Choice of film, time of day, position of the sun and sensitivity of the film. 

This is a basic for all but remember the importance of always choosing the right film, especially knowing the amount of light available, depending on the time of day and bearing in mind that water reflects a lot. If you put a film on and then regret it (also here) remember that by rewinding it backwards you may have to google how to recover the tab. 

4- Don't get ahead of the moment 

Unlike digital, remember that you have one photo per wave, at most two, so you have to choose the perfect moment. That takes a lot of observation and conscious shooting. 

(Special blog entry on the subject is coming soon)

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